A Question and an Answer

Someone asked me yesterday, “why would you want to adopt instead of having your own children?” I have so many patient, informative responses to that question, some downright snarky ones, and some hilarious ones. I think if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know why we’re adopting, but…

A lot of things have got me thinking lately about the American Dream.  The desire for success. And money. And comfortable living.

I think if I “achieved” great success and great wealth, it would feel so small to me, knowing that there are still people in this world, who don’t have their basic needs met.

I know a man who is a millionaire, because he diligently saved his money over 50 years. But, what if he had given it away, how many people would it have fed, provided clean water, an education? Is saving practically really a great quality to have when that money could be put to good use? I am not stating. I am just asking. Honestly and humbly.

In response to the person who asked me yesterday, why we’d ever want to adopt, I read this beautiful blog post  today.

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