I am grateful for a lot these days…

Almost every night, after spending 10 hours at work and an hour driving to and from work, my husband sits down in front of the computer and studies Ukrainian. I am grateful for a husband who loves adoption and is as excited to travel as I am!

Yesterday, I found the blog of the Heim family . Traci & family just got home from adopting Dasha from the same orphanage at Reed and Scarlett are in! It was a lot of fun reading their blog, and seeing the photos and videos of Dasha. She is absolutely adorable. She is just 6 weeks older than Scarlett, the one who someone thought was Scarlett’s sister.

Traci emailed me a group photo of some of the children in their orphanage, and the photo includes Scarlett. Traci also told me about her experience adopting from that orphanage and it was mostly positive! It sounds like for an orphanage it is a very good facility. I am grateful for her email today.

My in-laws are holding a garage sale this weekend… they are donating the money people give them to our adoption. I am grateful for all around awesome in-laws.

A mother in the process of adopting two little girls from Reed and Scarlett’s orphanage emailed me today… I am grateful to learn that two more little girls have homes!

Bethany is coordinating a sponsorship program for the kids in Reed and Scarlett’s orphanage.  We have an opportunity to send a package to Reed and Scarlett. She emailed me three days ago and I already have most of the stuff for the package. I am SO excited about it. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to mail them some things that they might need and also introduce ourselves to them. We are NOT writing that we’re in the process of adopting them, but we do hope that they’ll learn a bit about us and we won’t be complete strangers when we show up at their orphanage.

There are lots more kids needing sponsorship… it involves sending them a package at least twice a year. Filling it up with clothes, toys, toiletries, and a letter about your family (photos, too, if you chose!). If you are interested, let me know and I will put you in touch with Bethany.

4 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. Just Another Day in Paradise – I don't see your email address on your blog or I would send you the info about the sponsorship program. My email is info[at]positivelyorphaned[dot]orgTeam Parker – Can't wait to hear with 2 little girls have a family coming for them! Tell the mom to contact me – I probably have pics of the girls from when I visited the orphanage in March.

  2. I am interested in the sponsorship program (hopefully it is still going on – this post is a few months old)if you could pass on the contact info I would appreciate it!

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