How It Started

We had some of those new friends I blogged about earlier over for dinner tonight. It’s rare to meet another couple who has a heart for orphans &  adoption. It’s also rare to meet someone my age with a heart for orphans & adoption. It’s rare to meet someone in real life with a heart for orphans & adoption. SO, it’s very rare to meet a couple, my age, in real life, with hearts for orphans and adoption. But, this sweet new friend found me through another blog, and happened to live an hour away and they were sweet enough to participate in our fundraiser last week and come over for dinner tonight. How awesome, right?

We talked a lot about adoption. One question they asked was how we got started thinking and talking about adoption. It had been a long time coming for us, but the thing that really took adoption from the future and brought in into the present for us was this post . And then this post.

Those posts broke our hearts. Go read them. The need is GREAT.

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