I have been telling everyone, when they ask us what we need, to please not give us toys! There are two reasons for this… the first is that I don’t want Reed and Scarlett to come home and be overwhelmed by stuff! And the second is that toys are the last thing I want to end up with too many of. I know that most toys don’t get played with on a regular basis… only a handful do.

I am afraid of Reed and Scarlett’s room looking like this…

What are some of your children’s favorite toys? Toys which encourage creativity, encourage siblings to play together and with their parents, can entertain for awhile, get played with more than once, etc….

Also, please feel free to let me know which toys you just can’t stand!

6 thoughts on “Toys”

  1. I tend to buy for showers etc blankies and soft friends for them to drag around..i Love seeing children with tattered stuffies that they love above all others..

  2. My kids like musical instruments and any sorts of arts and crafts supplies. The stuff that does not get played with is of the electronic "learning" variety like Vtech or Leapfrog. They are excited with that stuff for a couple days then it goes to the bottom of the toy box to die. THAT said, my son (6) LOVES his DS and there are many fun educational games on it that he can play after homework is done.

  3. That depends on the child!My oldest loved cars & trucks and his magna doodle. Also bubbles, books and puzzles.My second loved blankets, pillows and then the typical girl stuff- dolls and such.My 3rd is a builder. He LOVES anything he can build with. blocks, legos, foam squares and items like that.My 4th likes books, balls, and just a mix of everything.They all love arts and craft stuff. Painting, glue, glitter, beads… all that messy stuff! Play doh is another big hit.Toys that drive me crazy… RC cars (they always have dead batteries and are sometimes hard to stear. But the kids do like them when they work), Any toy that is hard for the kid to figure out and play with. Sometimes the keyboard/music toys and try my patience but the kids love them.Good luck finding the perfect toys and not getting a house full of them!

  4. I would say that Legos and Duplos are the most popular toys in our house. I would recommend a big bucket, not one of the sets, to start out. They are great and truly one of the only toys that the kids will play with for hours.

  5. My two boys love their legos. They have the giant block kind and play with them every day. They also both love puzzles. I like puzzles too because it encourages problem solving skills. And they both usually have a favorite stuffy for a period of time until one of the dogs destuffs it and then they eventually get a new one.I agree that having a room full of toys would be overwhelming to the kids. I don't like having a ton of toys either and periodically I make my kids go through theirs and pick which ones they want to give away. Sadly though they still have way too many toys! It's so hard not to spoil them.

  6. My daughter and son both love building toys…whether they are bristle blocks, legos/duplos, wooden blocks, lincoln logs, etc. They play very well together while doing these activities. Books and little people or something similar come in a close second to building toys.Toys I hate, anything that requires batteries.

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