So, we decided not to have the fundraiser this weekend. We had two people signed up… one is a friend from KU with her sweet dog and the other was my SIL, who is actually out of town, but she wanted some photos of her dog. He is staying with us, right now. We are hoping to have the fundraiser in early August. I’ll let you know the date when I have one set.

We have FIVE dogs at our house right now. FIVE. I am going crazy. I should also mention that they’re all big dogs… the littlest is just over 60lbs, and the biggest is around 75lbs. Kind of funny, but the second lightest is also the tallest and the second heaviest is the shortest… so they look hilarious together. I think he could almost walk under her. I love dogs, but it’s hard having multiple dogs who are not your own, and don’t know your rules and routine.

I picked up the second copy of my medical form and the first copies of Aaron’s, the other day. Wrong. They obviously hadn’t read the instructions left with the forms or payed attention to my instructions when I dropped them off. Now I have to take them back and wait a few more days. Ugh. I hope that they’re done by next Wednesday… I have to take our foster dog to Topeka for a vet appointment, so it would be a great day to get a bunch of papers apostilled!

We were able to get a bunch of papers notarized yesterday. We went to AAA, and the notary there is so sweet. I am hoping that all of those papers are good, and we can have those apostilled next week.

The papers we still need for our dossier are:
1. the elusive I-171H
2. the frustrating medical forms
3. the proof of homeownership
4. the proof of mortgage
5. Homestudy paperwork
6. State police clearances

Our state police clearances were also WRONG. They had Aaron’s SSN wrong and the notary’s appointment expired in October… the notary’s appointment can’t expire for another 18 months or so, just in case. Our social worker said that she had told them about this many times before– it is standard with adoptions. Fortunately, she took care of it for us.

We’re waiting on our home study to proofread. I’ll be glad when that is done and in the mail to USCIS, so that will begin processing.

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