LONG day

Today was a long, tiring day. I got up earlier than usual to drive over to Topeka, which is about a half hour away, to get some documents apostilled. I had another errand to run in Topeka, too, so that took up my morning.

I headed back to Lawrence to get my physical done for the adoption paperwork. That took quite a while, over an hour. Which might not seem like that long, but most of that time was waiting, only 15 minutes or so was actual time with the doctor/nurse/phlebotomist. I got done there around 2, drove home, across town, stopped for another errand, got home about 2:30.

BUT, at 3:15, I had to leave to go to our home study appointment, which was at 4 in the KC area. Fortunately, Aaron came home and drove over with me, because I hadn’t eaten lunch… I had spent my 45 minutes letting the dogs out, making phone calls, responding to emails, and printing things off.

4-6 was our home study appointment. That was good, fortunately she asked us lots of questions, or I don’t know how well I would have stayed awake. Then, after the home study, I had to go by FedEx Office and mail our apostilled documents from earlier in the day. Done by 7:30. Finally, home by 8:15. Ate dinner. Sat on the sofa. Then, had to take the dogs out to the park, of course. Because, they had literally spent almost the whole day in their crates.

WHOA. So much got done today, but I’d prefer not to repeat it. At least any time soon. I am working my way through the paperwork… waiting on Aaron to get the cashier’s check to mail the USCIS paperwork, waiting to get our passports back to do much of the dossier paperwork…

One thought on “LONG day”

  1. Praying for this "process"! We did our physicals, TB tests, fire inspection, etc. in preparation for our next homestudy meeting next Friday! Isn't it fun!?Keep us updated!Christie

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