Happy Birthday, Quinn!

Today, well, technically yesterday, is Quinn’s fourth birthday… May 3rd.

Even though Quinn is not here, he is not ours yet, and we have not even met him, we decided to celebrate his birthday. You know us, any excuse to eat cake!

Can I just take this opportunity to tell my mother than I am completely in awe of her cake decorating skills? I wish I had a photo of my Tweetie bird or Pocahontas cakes to insert here, or maybe the really cool one she made for my sister’s birthday to look like swimming pool, complete with graham cracker bears in bikinis. I have decided that my children will always be getting cake balls or cupcakes for their birthdays, unless my mom happens to be in town.

We are hoping that this is the last birthday Quinn will have to spend without a family and next year, he will get some sort of yummy baked goods and presents just for him. Maybe even a party!

Today, he might not even know that it is his birthday. Let alone presents and cake. As I understand it, orphanages  have a mass birthday party to celebrate many birthdays at the same time.

Ha, can you imagine that? Most kids I know anticipate their birthdays for weeks. Countdowns. Multiple parties. A big pile of presents.

I can’t wait to celebrate Quinn and Erika’s birthdays with them… even if it’s just cupcakes and one present, I know it will be meaningful for them.

The actual today, May 4th, is the birthday of the coolest seven year old I know– Owen! That kid is seriously special, good special… Happy Birthday, Owen!

How cute is he?

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Quinn!”

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgment, Molly! I will be bringing you cake decorating tools when I come. Maybe we can make a fun graduation cake – perhaps with you walking down the Hill from the Campanile in to the stadium.

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